Not only Note-for-Note editions, but also the jazzinotes Arrangements seek to reproduce the original recordings as closely as possible.  However, Arrangements can differ from the original recordings in the following ways:

  • The instruments used in the sheet music may not entirely correspond with the original recording.  For example, the piano may cover the parts originally assigned to an ensemble or band.  Or single instruments are left out and replaced by others. 
  • Parts can be simplified in order to make them more easily playable. 
  • With some instruments, only the basic patterns are notated, but not the improvised variations.

In such cases, jazzinotes attempts to keep the maximum possible musical elements from the original recording intact (melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamic, etc).  We also try to preserve the main emotional content of the song.

jazzinotes offers a MISTAKE-FREE-GUARANTEE for all each of their arrangements.  Be sure to see ‘‘jazzinotes’’ as music publisher and you will receive your exclusive guarantee.

Jazzinotes also offers a few editions in which the Arrangements are done freely and in a manner which is intentionally different from the original recordings.  These are labeled as ‘‘Free Arrangments’’.  This leaves us with one last form of sheet music from jazzinotes: