Cole, Paula: Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes) - Sheet Music Download

Interpreter: Paula Cole
Instrumentation: (El.) Piano & Vocal
Music Genres: Jazz, Pop, Chanson
Level: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Order No. 101-380-8046d
Publisher: jazzinotes
Transcription: Vocal Note-for-Note, Piano Arrangement, incl. chord symbols
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Album version, Piano arrangement including vocal, accordion licks and tenor saxophone solo, not included is the intro with the recitative

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Interpreter Paula Cole
Music by Joseph Kosma
Words by Jacques Prévert / Johnny Mercer (english lyrics)
Instrumentation (El.) Piano & Vocal
Instruments Vocal, Clarinet, Piano, Accordion
Instruments on the Recording in addition to the score: Drums, Guitar
Instrumentation Details accordion licks are included (in the score and as parts), also in the version for clarinet in Bb, but you may omit these instruments and play only the piano. The chord symbols allow to play the guitar - like in the original recording.
Transcription Vocal Note-for-Note, Piano Arrangement, incl. chord symbols
source Album
Album Paula Coles - Greatest Hits: Postcards From East Oceanside
Duration 5:03
Level 3
Pages 22 (10 score, 12 parts)

The jazzinotes score of Autumn Leaves in Paula Cole’s interpretation is arranged for piano and vocals. But there is also added optionally the accordion part of the original recording (in its very high registers), also adapted for clarinet in Bb. But this part may be omitted. The piano is very simple with reduced voicings like the guitar of the original recording. This way the tune is between jazz ballad, pop song and chanson. The rhythm of the vocals is very laid back and notated exactly. But a lead sheet with the original simple rhythm is also included. You will find the score (with vocals, accordion and piano), a score for piano & vocals only, the accordion part - also for clarinet in Bb.

In the solo part you will find in the piano a simplified version of the original guitar solo. In the score you will also find the note-for-note transcription of this solo. Of course you may invent in the solo part your own solo!

Autumn Leaves became famous because of Yves Montand’s interpretation which is available here at jazzinotes. Les Feuilles mortes is the famous song of his second movie Les Portes de la nuit (Gates of the Night), composed by Joseph Kosma, lyrics written by Jacques Prévert, both friends of Edith Piaf. Years later this movie became well-known in the USA, where Johnny Mercer wrote the English lyrics: Autumn Leaves, which helped the song to become well-known all over the world. Edith Piaf herself integrated this song in her repertoire - with French and English lyrics. You can find this version here at jazzinotes.

May be because of the beauty and the simplicity of Paula Cole’s interpretation (US singer born in Rockport, Massachusetts in 1968) it grew to one of the most known interpretations of this song with more than 4 million visitors on YouTube. You will find this interpretation on her albums Greatest Hits - Postcards from East Oceanside and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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