Rights of Recovation

Rights of Revocation

Attention: By checking the box "I have read the Rights of Revocation" you have accepted, that the Rights of Revocation are not valid for digital downloads. The following Rights of Revocation are threrfore valid only for shipped articles:

You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without stating any reasons.

To cancel the contract, you have to inform us clearly about your decision by email, letter or fax: jazzinotes Publishing GmbH, Pasmannstr. 4, D-20459 Hamburg, email info@jazzinotes.com, Fax +49/40/20919421. You may use the form below, but you must not.

If you cancel the contract, we have to pay you back all payments that we have received from you, including the shipping costs (except the additional costs resulting from your order of a different way of shipping we normally offer), within 14 days after we have received your information about cancelling the contract. For this payment we use the same payment option that you have chosen for your purchase, except we have agreed upon something else. We won't charge anything for this payment. We may refuse the payment until we have received back the articles or until you have proved that you have sent back the articles.

You have to send back the articles immediately and in any case not later than 14 day after having cancelled the contract to us: jazzinotes Publishing GmbH, Pasmannstr. 4, D-20459 Hamburg. You have to pay the costs of redelivery.

You have to pay an eventual depreciation of the articles only, if it is the result of a not necessary handling to prove the consistence, property or functionality of the articles.

 3  Cancellation rights cease to apply under § 312 BGB, para 4. In particular they do not apply to goods which were manufactured according to customer specifications or clearly tailored to the personal needs of you, to delivered media such as audio or video recordings or computer software whose seal has already been broken, or downloaded material as this can not be returned without leaving any residue and, because of its nature as a computer file, is unsuitable for return.



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(If you cancel the contract, please fill the following form and send it back to us.)
To: jazzinotes Publishing GmbH, Pasmannstr. 4, 20459 Hamburg, Germany, info@jazzinotes.com, Fax +49/40/20919421

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