Collins, Phil: Against All Odds (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Collins, Phil: Against All Odds (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Collins, Phil: Against All Odds (Live) - Sheet Music Download

Collins, Phil: Against All Odds (Live) - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is a note-for-note transcription of a live version of "Against All Odds" (Phil Collins) for piano & vocal, incl. chord symbols

Licensed Territory: Europe. You are not allowed to purchase the sheet music out of Europe!

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal

Interpreter: Phil Collins

Music and Words by: Phil Collins

Level: 2 (of5)

Pages: 6

Order No. 101-510-8004d

Guarantee: yes

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The fact that Phil Collins (* 1951 in London) used to be a drummer can also be clearly seen in his singing: He sings rhythmically with incredible precision and evenly, which can also be clearly seen in the jazzinotes note-for-note edition of Against All Odds is. It dates from 1985 from the Live Aids charity concert at Wembley Stadium (organized by Bob Geldof); at a time when Collins' solo career was already in full swing with several # 1 hits on the US charts. Although he is not a pianist, he accompanies himself on the piano (with a clear mistake at 1:09 in the video). The advantage of this: The piece is easy to play even for non-professionals because its level of difficulty is not high.

Phil Collins' career is full of interesting details. First he attended drama school and appeared in film and theater. Musically he was initially unsuccessful as a drummer, despite some very good reviews. When he auditioned as a drummer for Genesis, he came early to the appointment. He took the opportunity to memorize the pieces exactly and finally got the job. On some tracks he sang backing vocals, on one even lead vocals (For Absent Friends). After the departure of Peter Gabriel, the lead singer of Genesis, the search for a suitable successor was unsuccessful. Born out of necessity, Phil Collins switched to lead vocals. Only then did Genesis become really successful commercially, not only with high album sales, but even with a US # 1 hit (Invisible Touch). Phil Collins occasionally played a second drum kit in solo passages. These drum duos became legendary for Genesis. It wasn't until 1996, long after his solo career was successful, that Phil Collins left Genesis to have more time for his private life. From 1976 to 1980 Phil Collins was also active as a drummer in the fusion jazz band Brand X, where he found an improvisational balance to pop / rock music. There (but also before at Genesis) drum computers were used early on.

Phil Collins' lyrics and music are very contradictory. On the one hand, his pieces were played almost continuously by almost all commercial radio stations for years, which earned him the criticism of shallow happy doodle music. On the other hand, many of his lyrics are very dark, ambiguous and obviously shaped by private crisis events such as his three divorces. The text of Against All Odds can also be interpreted as follows: Although the odds are the topic, the negation "against" turns them into hope, which is perhaps Phil Collins' recipe for success. In the 1990s, his texts also became increasingly political. Obviously, this has not contributed to their success.


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