Fischer, Helene: Ave Maria - Sheet Music Download
Fischer, Helene: Ave Maria - Sheet Music Download
Fischer, Helene: Ave Maria - Sheet Music Download

Fischer, Helene: Ave Maria - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is a note-for-note transcription of a live version of "Ave Maria" (Helene Fischer) for piano & vocal (note-for-note), incl. lyrics and chord symbols

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal incl. chord symbols

Interpreter: Helene Fischer

Music by: Franz Schubert

Words by: Helene Fischer, Jean Frankfurter

Level: 2 (of 5)

Pages: 6

Order No. 101-850-8006d

Guarantee: yes

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Ave Maria was composed 1825 by Franz Schubert (there is another famous version of Ave Maria: from Bach/Gounod). It is based on Walter Scott's poem Lady of the Lake, first published 1810. The translation into German wrote Adam Storck. Jean Frankfurter (*1948 in Frankfurt a.M., civil name Erich Ließmann), who is successful with a lot of compositions mainly in the German pop sphere since the seventies (e.g. Atemlos durch die Nacht, a No. 1 hit in Germany interpreted by Helene Fischer, too), arranged in 2007 the classical original especially for the voice of Helene Fischer (*1984 in Krasnojarsk). This arrangement differs quite a lot from the original. The most striking difference is obviously the change from 4/4 to 6/8 beat. Jean Frankfurter is also the author of the lyrics - together with Helene Fischer. The jazzinotes edition corresponds exactly to the YouTube video played above on this page. It contains the piano score, the vocal melody with all ornaments and of course the lyrics and the chord symbols, too. With these chord symbols the tune may also be accompanied by other instrument, e.g. the guitar. On the piano the sheet music is quite easy to play and is therefore suitable for beginners.


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