Chia, Enrique: El Choclo - Sheet Music Download
Chia, Enrique: El Choclo - Sheet Music Download
Chia, Enrique: El Choclo - Sheet Music Download

Chia, Enrique: El Choclo - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music as a tango note-for-note transcription of the album version of "El Choclo" (Enrique Chia), incl. chord symbols

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano solo

Instruments on the recording: Accordion, Double Bass, Strings

Interpreter: Enrique Chia

Music by: Angel Villoldo

Level: 4 (of5)

Pages: 5

Order No. 101-755-8001d

Guarantee: yes

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Angel Villoldo (1868 - 1919), the composer of El Choclo, is a tango composer of the first generation – a.k.a. Guardia Vieja (old guard). These musicians lived and worked in the area of San Telmo, a district of Buenos Aires with a large concentration of African-Americans and many brothels. Allegedly the name of the piece (El Choclo = corn cob) comes from the nick-name of the owner of one of the brothels. The first version was released as an instrumental piece in 1903 in Buenos Aires. A 1952 vocal version by Giorgia Gibbs under the title Kiss of Fire reached second place on the US billboard charts. Louis Armstrong also interpreted this 1952 song under the same title. Spanish language versions came out later, for example from Nat King Cole.

The driving force behind El Choclo is the Milonga-Rhythm 3+3+2 (each eighth notes). The original recording features other instruments than just the piano, but the piano is still the dominant instrument – played by pianist Enrique Chia (born in Cuba but living in the States). This song sounds great for solo piano – as the jazzinotes edition proves.

Today, El Choclo is a tango classic.


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