Emil Brandqvist Trio: Entering The Woods - CD (Album)

Emil Brandqvist Trio: Entering The Woods - CD (Album)

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Short Description: CD (Album) "Entering The Woods"

Instrumentation: Piano, Drums, Double Bass

Interpreter: Emil Brandqvist Trio

Composer: Emil Brandqvist et al.

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CD Facts:

Piano: Toumas Turunen, Double Bass: Max Thornberg, Drums: Emil Brandqvist

1 My New Bike

2 Unbreakable

3 From Now On

4 Crowded Apartment

5 When The Light Shines Through

6 The Woods

7 Grand Piano

8 Butterflies

9 Hids And Seek

10 The Clouds Are Clearing

11 Downhill

12 Raindrops

13 Epilogue