Walker, Alan: Faded - Sheet Music Download
Walker, Alan: Faded - Sheet Music Download
Walker, Alan: Faded - Sheet Music Download

Walker, Alan: Faded - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is an arrangement of the hit single "Faded" (Alan Walker) for piano & vocal (note-for-note), incl. lyrics and chord symbols. Arranged close to the original recording.

Licensed Territory: Germany, Austria, Switzerland. You are not allowed to purchase the sheet music out of these countries!

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal, incl. chord symbols

Interpreter: Alan Walker

Music and Words by: Jesper Borgen / Anders Frøen / Gunnar Greve / Alan Walker

Level: 3 (of 5)

Pages: 5

Order No. 101-505-8031d

Guarantee: yes

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The jazzinotes edition of Faded sticks to the original recording of the album version. The vocal score present exactly what Iselin Solheim sings. The piano score is arranged close to the original recording: intro and outro are notated exactly according to the original piano. The other parts (verse, bridge and chorus) are close to the sound of the band.

jazzinotes also offers the score of the Restrung version of Faded (Alan Walker): as piano score and as instrumental score (with vocal and all instruments note-for-note).

Alan Walker, the co-composer and co-songwriter of Faded, was born in England August 24th 1997 to an English father and a Norwegian mother. At the age of two, the family moved to Norway where Alan still lives in Bergen. In the beginning he produced some remixes without contract and published them on SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube. His style may be regarded close to Trance, Hardstyle or Hands up. In 2014 he signed a contract with NoCopyrightSounds. At the same time this label legalized the digital downloads and sold them as single releases at music streaming services. The first production under this label was Fade, an instrumental tune influenced by progressive and electro house. This recording was a huge success: The number of the streams on Spotify as well as the numbers of clicks on YouTube quickly passed the million mark several times. As recent as 2015 Alan Walker performed on stage and signed a contract with the major label Sony in order to launch the successful output of a single. With a vocal version of Fade, called Faded, it was a great success. In this version the Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim was part of the achievement. Already by the end of 2015 the tune reached number 1 in the Swedish and Norwegian charts. In 2016 a whole range of other countries followed, e. g. Germany and France.


We can transpose this score for you. This is how it works:

1. Order it in the original version.
2. Order our article Transposition A.
3. Send an informal email to info@jazzinotes.com (subject: “Transposition”). In the text of the email please indicate the title of the original as well as the key desired.

You’ll receive the transposition within a couple of days as a pdf file you can open using your password for the original version.