Noïan, Nara: Hier encore - Musiknoten Download
Noïan, Nara: Hier encore - Musiknoten Download
Noïan, Nara: Hier encore - Musiknoten Download

Noïan, Nara: Hier encore - Musiknoten Download

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Short Description: The Sheet music is an arrangement of "Hier encore" (Charles Aznavour) in the interpretation of Nara Noïan for piano & vocal, arranged very close to the original recording for piano & vocal. You also find the clarinet in Bb of the original recording (including a part in C), but which you may omit.

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal (& Clarinet)

Instrumentation Details: The clarinet in Bb may be omitted or replaced by a melody instrument in C.

Interpreter: Nara Noïan

Music & Words by: Charles Aznavour

Level: 2 (of 5)

Pages: 13 (6 score, 7 parts)

Order No. 101-955-8009d

Guarantee: yes

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Hier encore is one of the best known compositions of Charles Aznavour. It was published in 1964. The chanson was interpreted by a lot of musicians and was translated in many languages, e.g. Amanda Lear, Bing Crosby, Shirley Bassey, Dusty Springfield, Roy Clark, Mel Torme, Jack Jones, Lena Horne, Andy Williams, Jimmy Durante, Bobby Bare, Al Martino, The Peanuts, Glen Campbell, Julio Iglesias, Tony Kenny, Eddy Mitchell, Dean Reed, Johnny Mathis, Marc Almond, Patricia Kaas, Matt Monro, Lena Martell, Nora Aunor, Elton John etc.,

Both Charles Aznavour (1924 bis 2018) and Nara Noïan (* 1971) are French with armenian background.

The jazzinotes arrangement is nearly a note-for-note transcription. On the original recording there is a guitar playing that appears sometimes in the right hand of the piano. Otherwise the piano corresponds exactly to the original recording like the vocal and the clarinet.

Included is a version without clarinet and a melody in C instead of the clarinet in Bb.

The piano accompaniment is easy to play, but effective and beautiful!

Included are: score (6 pages), piano & vocal (5 pages), clarinet in Bb (1 page) and melody in C (1 page).


We can transpose this score for you. This is how it works:

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