Cooder, Ry & Galban, Manuel: La Luna en Tu Mirada - Sheet Music Download
Cooder, Ry & Galban, Manuel: La Luna en Tu Mirada - Sheet Music Download
Cooder, Ry & Galban, Manuel: La Luna en Tu Mirada - Sheet Music Download

Cooder, Ry & Galban, Manuel: La Luna en Tu Mirada - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: Sheet music as note-for-Note transcription of  the album version of "La Luna en Tu Mirada" (Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban) for band

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Band/Ensemble

Instruments: El. Guitar, El. Bass, Drums, Percussion

Interpreters: Ry Cooder, Manuel Galban

Music by: Luis Chanivecky Rawet

Level: 3 (of 5)

Pages: 25 (12 score + 13 parts)

Order No. 101-650-8001d

Guarantee: yes

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Ry Cooder became known worldwide through the Buena Vistsa Social Club project, in which formerly successful and partly almost forgotten Cuban musicians such as Ibrahim Ferrer, Rubén González, Eliades Ochoa, Omara Portuondo and Compay Segundo were brought together. The project was followed by the multi-award-winning concert film of the same name directed by Wim Wenders. The album of the same name also became # 1 on the US Billboard Top Latin Albums in 1998. The album Mambo Sinuendo, from which the title La luna en tu mirada comes, also made it to number 1 on these charts in 2003. The two albums also have a lot in common musically: Not only do guitarists Manuel Galban and Ry Cooder (the two editors and producers) already play on Bueno Vista Social Club, but also bassist Orlando Cachaíto López and percussionist Joachim Cooder, son of Ry Cooder.

Both performers had early musical success. Ry Cooder (* 1947 in Los Angeles) is considered one of the world's best guitarists (his specialty steel guitar can also be heard in La luna en tu mirada). He played as a studio musician for the Rolling Stones, Taj Mahal, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, among others. From an early age he was involved in many areas of world music, especially music from Hawaii, the Caribbean and Latin America. Manuel Galban (* 1931 in Gibara / Cuba) shaped the popular music of the 1960s in Cuba, especially as guitarist and musical director of the vocal quartet Los Zafiros from Havana, for which the Jewish-Cuban composer Luis Rawet Chanivecky wrote several titles , so also La luna en tu mirada, an originally vocal tune.

The jazzinotes edition contains all the instruments involved, both as a score and as individual parts.


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