Tingvall, Martin: en ny dag (Notebook) - sheet music download
Tingvall, Martin: en ny dag (Notebook) - sheet music download

Tingvall, Martin: en ny dag (Notebook) - sheet music download

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Short Description: The digital songbook/notebook contains the sheet music of all tunes of the album "en ny dag" (Martin Tingval) as note-for-note transcriptions, including chord symbols and all solos.

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano solo

Interpreter: Martin Tingvall

Music by: Martin Tingvall

Level: 3 (of 5)

Pages: 64

Order No. 101-380-8032d

Guarantee: yes

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Martin Tingvall is well know as band leader of the Tingvall Trio. But he is also a solo pianist. His compositions for piano has an own vision. Maybe because of the lack of communication within the band the tunes are more meditatively, lyrical, sometimes tender and simple. Typical for this is "en stjärna faller" - even if there are tunes on the album "en ny dag" that are quite strong and extraverted. Sometimes there are accusations towards Martin Tingvall that his compositions ar banal and too catchy. Those accusations normally come from Germany. This is interesting. Formerly composers from the north or east, like Grieg or Tschaikowsky, had to bear the same accusations.

On the other hand we can read in the essays of Tschaikowsky, how he critisized some German composers to have no sense for intense melodies - as opposed to northern or eastern composers. Anyway Martin Tingvall succeeds to thrill his audience, in Germany too.

Table of Contents:

• en stjärna faller …P. 4 - 5
• en början …P. 6 - 10
• debbie and the dogs …P. 11 - 17
• efter vi skildes åt …P. 18 - 22
• en ny dag …P. 23 - 26
• det är åska i luften …P. 27 - 33
• så hissas flaggan på midsommarafton …P. 34 - 37
• utan ström i Harare …P. 38 - 43
• till dem därhemma …P. 44 - 47
• kvällens sista dans …P. 48 - 52
• myggan som inte ville döe …P. 53 - 58
• när barnen sover …P. 59 - 62
• dagens slut …P. 63
• karlavagnen…P. 64


Personally, I consider it a great honor that someone else would like to play something that I have written. For this sheet music I transcribed the music to my solo piano album “en ny dag” note for note with the help of Paul Riggenbach, a brilliant editor for scoring and notation. This means that all the variations, improvisations and even all the mistakes are annotated exactly the way I recorded them in the studio.
I have additionally added chord symbols to make it easier to play your own voicings. Naturally you can leave out the solos and just play the main themes. It would make me very happy if my music inspires you to create your own interpretations, or even your own compositions.
I hope you like my music and wish you lots of fun and success while playing!
Martin Tingvall


We can transpose each of the scores out of the notebook for you. This is how it works:

1. Order the songbook/notebook.
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3. Send an informal email to info@jazzinotes.com (subject: “Transposition”). In the text of the email please indicate the title of the original as well as the key desired.

You’ll receive the transposition within a couple of days as a pdf file you can open using your password for the original version.