Lavi, Daliah: So bin ich (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Lavi, Daliah: So bin ich (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Lavi, Daliah: So bin ich (Live) - Sheet Music Download

Lavi, Daliah: So bin ich (Live) - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is an arrangement of a live version of "So bin ich" (Daliah Lavi) for piano & vocal, incl. lyrics and chord symbols. Arranged close to the original recording.

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal incl. chord symbols

Interpreter: Daliah Lavi

Music and Words by: Stefan Waggershausen

Level: 2 (of 5)

Pages: 6

Order No. 101-955-8003d

Guarantee: yes

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Daliah Lavi was born in 1942 in Palestine near Haifa. She got into film through working as a model. Thanks to her gift for languages, she played numerous roles in many European countries (especially Germany and France), but also in Hollywood, particularly in the 1967 James Bond film Casino Royale. Her smoky voice was first discovered after her career as an actress. She sang in many languages, and had the greatest success in Germany. Both her singles and her albums (which for a ‘Schlager’ singer is unusual) she was in the Top 10 in the charts. During her come-back in 2008, she was able to revive her success in the 70’s: the live album C’est la vie was at the top of the German charts and won the German music prize ‘Goldene Schallplatte.’ So bin ich is from this album.

The text and music were written by Stefan Waggershausen. The jazzinotes version arranges the orchestral accompaniment for piano.


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