Cocker, Joe: The Letter (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Cocker, Joe: The Letter (Live) - Sheet Music Download
Cocker, Joe: The Letter (Live) - Sheet Music Download

Cocker, Joe: The Letter (Live) - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is an arrangement of a live version of "The Letter" (Joe Cocker) for piano & vocal (note-for-note), incl. lyrics and chord symbols

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano & Vocal incl. chord symbols

Interpreter: Joe Cocker

Music & Words by: Wayne Carson Thompson

Level: 3 (of 5)

Pages: 3

Order No. 101-555-8008d

Guarantee: yes

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The composer of The Letter, Wayne Carson Thompson, became member of the Band The Box Tops of Memphis in1967. With a length of less than two minutes it was the shortest No 1 Hit since ever. It remained four weeks as No 1 and was sold only in 1967 more the 4 million times.

The song was coverd many times. The version of Joe Cocker is still remarkable. The original recording of the jazzinotes version is the live version published on the album Anthology (1999). It is a remix of a live recording in 1970. Joe Cocker, born 1944 in Sheffield (England) died 2014 in Crawford (USA). He fist was a plumber. But early he left his profession and entered the realm of music. First he didn't earn a lot of money because of unfavorable contracts. He became famous after the opening of the third day of the festival in Woodstock 1969. His typical gestures an his breathy timbre became his trademark. Although most of his well known songs were cover versions (besides of The Letter one of the most known is the Beatles song With A Little Help From My Friend), he also wrote his own songs, e.g. together with the bass player Chris Stainton: High Time We Went and Woman To Woman.


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