Turner, Ray: The Man I Love - Sheet Music Download
Turner, Ray: The Man I Love - Sheet Music Download
Turner, Ray: The Man I Love - Sheet Music Download

Turner, Ray: The Man I Love - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: The sheet music is a note-for-note transcription of "The Man I Love" (Ray Turner) out of the soundtrack of the movie "The Man I Love" (1947), incl. chord symbols.

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Piano solo

Interpreter: Ray Turner

Music by: George Gershwin

Level: 4 (of 5)

Pages: 4

Order No. 101-380-8038d

Guarantee: yes

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The fantastic recording of the Ray Turner interpretation of the Gershwin classic The Man I Love is at the same time the soundtrack of the film of the same name from 1947 and a piece from the album Ray Turner: The Hollywood Pianist. In contrast to the soundtrack, there is an intro on the recording of the album, which is also included in the jazzinotes transcription. The chord symbols are included in the score, too.

In the film, Bruce Bennett plays the pianist Nicky Toresca and impresses Petey Brown (played by Ida Lupino). The ballad The Man I Love was published by George Gershwin (1898-1937) in 1924. The song was originally written for the satirical musical Lady, Be Good. It was not well received there and was taken off the program in the first week of the season. The piece also flopped in the anti-war satire Strike Up The Band in 1927. The piece flopped again in the musical Rosalie, which never hit Broadway but served as the basis for the film The Man I Love (1947). The Man I Love was George Gershwin's favorite piece among his compositions. He used it as the theme tune on his weekly CBS radio show. The song form AABA is also clearly recognizable in Ray Turner's interpretation. Today the song is a popular jazz standard. At jazzinotes there is another interpretation for piano solo: by Art Tatum.


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