Tingvall Trio: Vägen - Sheet Music Download
Tingvall Trio: Vägen - Sheet Music Download
Tingvall Trio: Vägen - Sheet Music Download

Tingvall Trio: Vägen - Sheet Music Download

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Short Description: Sheet as original composition of "vägen" (Martin Tingvall Trio) out of the album "vägen" for band (piano, double bass, drums), incl. chord symbols. Exclusively at jazzinotes, authorized by Martin Tingvall.

Licensed Territory: worldwide

Instrumentation: Band

Instruments: Piano, Double Bass, Drums

Instrumentation Details: Piano and Bass are notated as "Annotated Composer's Originals", the drums are notated as basic drum patterns.

Interpreter: Martin Tingvall

Music by: Tingvall Trio

Level: 2 (of 5)

Pages: 5

Order No. 101-380-8022d

Guarantee: yes

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The title track of the album VÄGEN (meaning ‘road’ or ‘way’) consists of very simple themes and is therefore suitable for less experienced musicians. The jazzinotes version, approved by Martin Tingvall, is an Original Composition. It stresses the main theme while leaving out any ornaments or decorations. However, the original voicings have been retained; the accompanying voices can also be recognized – not only the main theme.

Martin Tinvall, born in 1974 in the southern Swedish province of Schonen, studied jazz piano, composition and improvisation at the Music Academy of Malmö. He finished his studies in 1999 and moved to Hamburg. He tours both as a soloist (CD EN NY DAG, all songs available soon on jazzinotes) and with the Tingvall-Trio. The Tingvall-Trio has been awarded three JAZZ-ECHOES: in 2010 and 2012 with Ensemble of the Year, and in 2012 as Live-Act of the Year. Martin Tingvall not only composes all of the music for his trio, he also composes for other musicians like Udo Lindenberg (two of whose pieces are also available on jazzinotes: Wenn du durchhängst and Der Astronaut muss weiter) and for films like Year of the Dragon (2012) and for the German crime serial ‘Tatort’ (2013).

Omar Rodriguez Calvo, the bassist of the trio, was born in 1973 in Mantaza, Cuba. He studied double bass, electric bass, classical music, jazz and popular music – all in Havanna. In 1994, he moved to Hamburg and since then has been playing with the Tingvall-Trio and with musicians like Nils Langren, Roy Hardgrave and the NDR Big Band.

Jürgen Spiegel was born in 1972 in Bremen, where he studied percussion and jazz at the Music Academy. He went on to study at the Music Academies of Groningen and Hamburg (majoring in popular music) and finally at the Manhatten School of Music. Jürgen Spiegel not only tours with bands of different genres (for example, Patrick Nuo, Nneka and Torn) but also works as a producer at his own studio.

The entire notebook for the album VÄGEN is also available at jazzinotes.


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